Государственное бюджетное учреждение культуры города Москвы
Московский театр детской книги
«Волшебная Лампа»

Московский театр детской книги «Волшебная лампа»


A Kitten called Bow-wow

A play by Grigory Oster

The performance lasts 45 mins

Some new reflections on the 'fathers and sons' theme are offered to our young audience by the cats and dogs in this Magic Lamp production based on Grigory Oster's play A Kitten called Bow-wow.
'Dogs fight cats and puppies fight kittens', say the grownups, who are in the middle of a 'Civil War'.
But we don't want to fight. We'd rather play!' insist the children and instead of doing what they are told, they actually win the grownups over to their side, making them kinder and more considerate.

A Kitten called Bow-wow

Performance planned and created Marina Gribanova, Viktor Plotnikov, Sergey Mirolyubov

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