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Московский театр детской книги
«Волшебная Лампа»

Московский театр детской книги «Волшебная лампа»


The Cat that Walked by Himself

Rudyard Kipling

A play in two acts. The performance lasts 1 hour 20 mins

The Cat that Walked by Himself is the most recent addition to the theatre's repertoire and is based on several works by the famous English writer. It is a highly attractive musical production rich in colourful sets, songs specially written for it, imaginatively designed and operated puppets representing the various jungle dwellers, and also live actors.
In a most unobtrusive and appealing way, this cheerful musical encourages children to be considerate, brave and loyal.
First performed on 7 June, 2003

The Cat that Walked by Himself
Director   Viktor PLOTNIKOV
Designer Marina GRIBANOVA
Technical designer Viktor PLOTNIKOV
Composer Sergei MIROLYUBOV
Sound Roman BIRYUKOV
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Москва, Сущевская ул,
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